Nathan Hoad

More blog functionality

July 10, 2011

After a quick bit of work I've got the comments section going on posts. I'm pretty happy with it. The documentation in Django is typically nice, however it's a little vague where it shouldn't be and could definitely use a bit of updating. For instance, the old documentation for FreeComments was what I was using for a good few hours, ripping my hair out wondering why it wouldn't work, only to find out that it's been replaced with the newer Comments package.

For the backend, I also added in filtering by blog status so I can write drafts and what not. Pretty cool stuff.

I've also added the view for filtering by tags as well. Tomorrow if I get the time I'm going to add RSS. Again, Django provides a framework for generating feeds, so this shouldn't be too hard either. Same deal goes for archive pages and searching. Django + Python > PHP.

Once I've got the whole blog going I'll do a write up on how I've completed it, and how it works in the back. My blog is pretty minimal compared to other blogs, so I think it's worth talking about why I've done that too.